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Iron Maiden have released details of a box set to be released in November called Eddies Archive.

A greatest hits album named Edward the Great will be released on the same day. For full details go to official site.

To see pics of the box set click on the thumbnails below.

Edward the Great pictures will be posted as soon as they are available.

(Boxset pics are from the official site and maiden


No new news, just a new look to the site. Hope you all like it!


The Edge of Darkness is back online. the new address is

You can vote for this iste at their top 30 fansites using the link on the left hand side of the page.

By the way, if you've been living under a rock for the last month,the RIR DVD will be released in Australia on 16/7.


The We Want a Maiden Tour Petition link is definately working now. Remember the more votes the likely the possibilty of a Maiden tour Downunder in 2003 is.

Wallpapers are now back on line!


This site offers its own free web based email service. To sign up goto



Sorry about the lack of updates.

News uptil now- Rio CD is now available, DVD to be released 10/6/2002.

The discography section is now up and running, sorry about the inconvenience Bent Bill from Wollongong. Also the top banner for the Maiden tou petition should now be working if it doesnt the email address is

Wallpapers and Tabs should be back online soon.


I found an interview with Bruce, NIcko and Adrian regarding the Metal 2000 tour and the performance and release of Rock In Rio on the EMI Australia website. Click HERE to view it.


No news to update than would be known already except the ABC will be showing Top of the Pops on Thursday at 11.55pm, this should be the episode that was aired in the UK last week, which has Iron Maiden performing RUN TO THE HILLS live. Tune in!!!


Also, the site has been reconstructed so that the Cool Page splash that would always come up is no longer there. Because of this, the discography and download sections will be off line until such time as they are finished, which shouldn't be too much longer.



Daniel- The Beast Downunder





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